Tuesday, January 17, 2017

And I was doing so well. . . .

So, I had been painting pretty much every day.  Even 15 or 20 minutes at a time is starting to add up, and pretty soon, I should actually start seeing some of those orcs near completion.  The nice thing about assembly line painting is that, once things start finishing, lots of things start finishing.  The downside is that, for a long time, you may not feel like you are making any progress.  But the orcs are indeed coming along, and today I took a break and started on the Milites Christi for SAGA. 

But I had only purchased one mini for the year - a pre-painted TIE Striker for X-Wing.  Sure, some Warpath models had arrived, but I am not counting them, since they came from a KS pledge a year ago.  Likewise, some other X-Wing models arrived - not counted because (1) pre-painted; and (2) ordered in 2015.

But I just placed an order for the "Liberty or Death" set from Warlord Games.  I went from virtually nothing for adding another 300 models to my pile of unpainted plastic.  On the plus side, if I can get my SAGA stuff and the Dystopian Wars painted before it gets here, I will only be in the hole by 150 models or so.  Possibly even less.

Yeah, it's going to sit on a shelf for a couple months, but it was on sale at price way too good to resist.  I just have to clear the queue now, and I hope this provides some decent incentive.

(And, I might wind up picking up another round of minis in the next couple of days.  Big project, for late this year.)

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