Friday, June 3, 2011

The advantage of army ADD

Since I haven't gotten much time to paint in the last couple of days (stupid lawn keeps needing mowing - every summer, I wonder how much it would be to turn the entire yard into a parking lot), I thought I would write about how army ADD has some advantages.

Sure, I lack focus. Sure, I don't master any one army. Sure, it gives me a giant pile of lead in the basement that sits there, lurking in the dark, slowly growing and causing the earths crust to deform in a way that will eventually result in a new fault line being created. But, it means that, when going through secondary sales locations (like bartertown or ebay), I can almost always find a great deal. Eventually, yes, I need to make more targeted purchases, but since I had planned on picking up Legion of Everblight stuff anyway, a random lot of someone else's extra Legion stuff at a steep discount is a good thing.

My Warmachine/Hordes goal for 2011 is to have a 50 point playable (though not necessarily competitive) army for every faction, including Mercs and Minions, in both system. Right now, I know I can field that for Skorne, Trollbloods, Cryx, Retribution and Gators. I think I can with Cygnar, Menoth, and Circle. Khador, Mercs and Legion all need some work, but it's certainly more doable, even if I had to start from scratch.

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