Thursday, June 30, 2011

A random WIP

OKay, so Tuesday night, I didn't get anything done. Sure, I got the lawn back under control (much to the disappointment of H. M. Stanley, who must look for Dr. Livingstone elsewhere), and assembled a literal behemoth of a desk, but I did not get any real painting done. Last night was an improvement, however, and although I did not paint any figs, I worked on assembly of a full unit of Ogrun Assault Corps and a full unit of Bloodgorgers.

I also spent some time working on this, my new dice tower:



Sorry about the quality of the pics - I wanted to take something quickly, and show figs for scale, and the primed Styker did not help.

So, tonight, I will wind up doing one of two things: either I get to go and get a game in, in which case I will not be painting, or I will be spending some quality time with my brushes and paints, in which case I might get some more stuff moved along.

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