Saturday, June 4, 2011

A road trip and a delivery

Earlier this week, despite having no power, I placed an order for a few Warmachine items - Khador & Cygnar decks, pButcher, and the plastic Cygnar starter. I find the decks handy for stats when I proxy models, and they're useful for Vassal games as well. Eventually, I wind up with a bunch of surplus cards, which I can give to new players.

Anyway, today I had planned a road trip to a possible new FLGS. Right now, no store in my little corner of Michigan stocks Warmahordes. So, on Thursdays, I had been making the trek to the east, traveling an hour or so (each way) to game. Today, I headed west, to another possible store, about 30 minutes away. He doesn't stock Warmachine (yet), but he does have open table space, so a few of us tried to meet up for a game or two.

I managed to get in a couple battlebox games (Cryx v. Menoth, Cygnar v. Menoth), and had a lot of fun. There were only two of us, but a couple of other players might manage to show up next week, and we talked up the game to a couple of people who stopped and watched what we were doing. And, as an added plus, when I got home, my new toys were waiting for me.

I didn't get any painting done tonight, but plastic Stryker is assembled, a Firefly and the Defender are half done as well. Got a few other bits and pieces of things trimmed, but no other assembly of note. Spent too much time looking over the Menoth and Khador decks, I think. And my wish list grew by just a little, honest.

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