Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No pics needed for this one

I'm not going to take pics of it, but on Sunday I finished with the assembly of the plastic Cygnar battlebox (the one I got Saturday), as well as the Firefly, and a magnetized Cygnar heavy. All of them (except the heavy) got primed yesterday.

I haven't settled on a paint scheme for my Cygnar yet. My Skorne are in PP colors and my gators are in fairly normal colors. My trolls, however, are green (using the fluff from the Monsternomicon as my guide), and my Khador are going to be painted using Vallejo Soviet WWII colors, not reds.

I've got some other stuff this week to assemble as well, and the weather outside is hot enough to give me a good excuse to paint in the nice cool basement, instead of mowing the lawn.

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