Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last night, and impending distraction

So, my goal for this week is not to finish any particular figure, color, or the like. Rather, my goal this week is to spend at least seven hours at my painting table, whether it is trimming, priming, basing, painting, whatever. I want to firmly establish the habit of me going down to the basement, almost every day, for at least a brief period, and working on stuff.

And no, time spend sitting at the table, head in hands, moaning "Oh $%($^%, look at all the unpainted $%)$*%" does not count.

So anyway, last night, I pinned and glued a Bull Snapper, worked on pStryker a little, did some base colors on a Firefly, did some detail work on four Reaper CAV figs, some touch up on my dice tower, fixed my Mangler (right arm had popped off, not surprising since it was never pinned. It is now.) and probably a couple of other things that escape my memory.

And yes, tonight I hope to get down there again, once I have cowed the lawn into submission and put together the new computer desk. And again tomorrow night. But, any victories (other than time in that uncomfortable chair) are short-lived, since I am looking at yet another possible trade - a Warmaster army of mine that has been gathering dust, in exchange for some Khador and Legion figs. With some careful choices, and a fruitful negotiation, the only thing that will keep me from fielding at least 35 points in every faction is the fact that I am still missing the MK II Legion deck.

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