Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to losing again

No pics, sorry.

Got two games in yesterday. The first was a 35-pt, battlebox required, but 'caster swap allowed, journeyman league game. I was running Durgen, the battlebox 'jacks, Thor (and a marshalled Basher), a min unit of High Shields with the UA, and a full unit of Ogrun Assault Corps.

It wasn't even close. I had some bad die rolls, and some bad placement, and I just could not crack the Xersis + Cetrati + Arcuri brick. Gorten would have done better, I think - heck, he could not have done any worse. I really wanted to try Madhammer, however, since I have only used him once or twice so far, and I want to figure him out.

Lost the second game as well. I am painting Circle this month, so I wanted to play at least a couple of games with them. I ran the battlebox, a Pureblood, Druids, Stoneward & Woldstalkers, and Shifting Stones.

Again, I placed badly, but Circle is fast enough that I could undo some of that, but my Legion opponent was into the killbox well before I was, so I was caught in one corner, with limited maneuvering room. I did not do as poorly as in the other battle - I killed a few things, but in the end, the only way I could win was to attempt an assasination run on eThag, which did not end well.

I definitely need to play Circle more, but I won't get in as many games this month as I would like. March should give me a lot more games, and I won't feel restricted to only one faction, like I (generally) have been for the Journeyman league. I probably will bring 2-3 armies with me each week, and then either let my opponent choose which they want to face, or dice between them or something. A couple of the guys at my FLGS are wanting to go play in some tourneys at GenCon, so they really want to play against as many different casters and factions as possible. Fortunately for them, my factional ADD will let me oblige them there.

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