Monday, February 6, 2012


Miniatures, that is. I have had a unit of Gun Mages soaking in PineSol for so long that I had pretty much forgotten about them. I found them tonight when I was looking for my other Devout.* (Yes, I was putting off painting Circle - I still worked on the unit of Druids, and my Feral now just needs some greenstuff work before priming.) Anyway, they had been in there that the bases had gotten pretty soft - no big deal, but I may have to replace those.

But some of the paint still won't come off. I'm wondering what kind of paint is was - an enamel, perhaps? It would not be the first time that I have gotten used figs that were coated in an oil-based paint. I got most of it off - they are soaking in water now to get any lingering PineSol off them, and I'll see if they are clean enough for priming tomorrow.

I did not get everything done tonight that I wanted too - I kept breaking away to watch commercials. I could generally listen to the game and figure out what was going on without watching it, but I wound up paying more attention to the commercials anyway. Hopefully I won't have as many distractions tomorrow night.

* Mainly because I was writing a wish list, and I had a Menoth army that I was theory-machining. It mainly invovles stuff where I have the cards, but not the models. I may proxy it a few times before buying everything, because Fire of Salvation is a pricey model.

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