Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just in case I don't do anything else. . .

If I don't manage to do anything else today (and I do intend to get back down to the basement to paint later tonight - got some podcasts to start catching up on as well), I primed pKaya, Moshar, and eHexeris a few minutes. Okay, eHexy is Skorne, but he had been sitting on the bench, waiting for priming for a few days, so adding him to the mix wasn't exactly a huge time investment.

For various and sundry reasons, I don't think that I have bought anything yet this year (although I had some purchases at the tail end of last year), so, for the time being, I am actually gaining ground. I have one order that is (hopefully) on the way, which will set me back, and I am putting together another order for the near future. I'm fine with two minis painted, fifteen purchased.

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