Monday, February 6, 2012

Holy wishlist, Batman!

I finally got around to making the inverse of my collection - the Wishlist. It won't take everything to the theoretical maximum (eg - not only does it not list an infinite number of 'jacks, I really do not want another unit of Retribution Halberdiers right now), but it does a decent job of covering jacks that I do not yet have, and units that I want to get. If a unit is in there, I maxed it out, and I also included figs where I still need a couple to hit the maximum unit size.

It's not as bad as it could be, I guess. A mere 1318 figures (from the last iBodger update) and I would be happy. Since I only have 722 figs, it does represent a near-trebling of what I currently have. While I won't catch up anytime soon, I hope to keep that 1:2 ratio for the rest of the year (curse you, new releases!), and possibly even catch up a bit.

To that end, I might be dumping off my Tau when the (rumored) 6th edition of 40k comes out. I have heard that Tau do quite well under the new rules, so my Tau army will (hopefully) command a high trade value. It's a good-sized force - lots of crisis suits, six devilfish, three hammerheads, plenty of fire warriors. With any luck, and some patience, I should be able to really cut into the wishlist.

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