Monday, February 13, 2012

Sorry about the quiet

Been busy lately, and not much of it painting. Friday was date night with my wife, which pretty much prevented doing anything gaming related. Saturday was for launching some model rockets with my son (for his science project), and then heading over to my FLGS for the last week of our Journeyman league. After hanging out there for a while (and losing another game - although my Circle did better, my Lord of the Feast managed to kill not a single model - and yes, he was going after beast handlers, who should have died), I did not do any painting or anything that night.

Yesterday was a hike with the Cub Scout den, and then off to finish launching the rockets. (Basic concept is: Take the same rocket. Put different size motors in it, see how high it goes. Not too bad for 2nd grade.) Got that done in time for dinner, then by the time I was done getting the kids to bed and doing my run, I just did not want to paint.

Heading down to the basement in a few. I'll take the camera, and if I actually do any painting, I'll take some pics. I hope to get a Feral Warpwolf and a couple of Argi done this month - and possibly with enough time to spare to work on some other things. I don't want my 5 pts/month to always be beasts or jacks.

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