Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another go with Terminus

Still playing around with Terminus, mainly because he is big and stompy and generally fairly tough.  Plus, who doesn't like a flying lich lord who lives to eat souls?  So, on this occasion, I tried out the Terminus tier list I have been running:

3 Slayers
Skarlock Thrall

full Blackbanes
full Revenant Crew

My opponent was running a Gators list:

Bloody Barnabas
Blackhide Wrastler
Bull Snapper
Ironback Spitter

Wrong-Eye and Snapjaw

Full gatorman posse
Totem Hunter

He won the the roll, and chose to deploy first - gators toward the center, Wrong-Eye and Snapjaw guarding his left flank.  The totem hunter held the right, and named the Revenant Crew as prey.

I set up fairly quickly, with the jacks guarding Terminus, the Blackbanes on my left, and the Revenant crew mostly on the right, with the quartermaster tucked safely away.

He advanced fairly cautiously, but in almost complete safety, thanks to Swamp Pit.  Granted, shooting is not a big part of my Terminus list, but having it shut down completely is a little annoying.  I advanced, but not quite as cautiously. Terminus cast Malediction on himself, and camped the rest of the focus.

Next turn, the Totem Hunter zipped up, and leapt into the middle of the Revenant crew, killing precisely zero of them.  I think he hit one, but I made the tough roll.  That left the Totem hunter in a bad position.  More gator advancing into swamp pits, and Wrong-Eye and Snapjaw kept rolling up on the flank. 

On my turn, I killed the Totem hunter by piling a whole bunch of undead pirates on him.  Terminus moved up, feated, and started trying to kill things, hellfiring the gators and trying to hit Wrong-Eye with his breath weapon.  The gator warcaster lived, so I piled on attacks from Blackbanes (who advanced through an obstacle to get to him), but I could not seal the deal.

That was the turn where I lost the game, too.  I over-extended myself, in my zeal to kill Wrong-Eye (and remove both him and Snapjaw from the flank, making my life ever so much easier.)  Barnabas moved up, feated, and put a serious hurt on Terminus and a jack.  I could not recover in time, and while I tried to salvage it on my turn (by killing the Blackhide, and some other stuff), I could not risk the free strikes to get to Barnabas, nor kill enough to stop him from clearing a path to Terminus and killing him with the Ironback on the following turn.

The good thing about losing is that you get to learn from your mistakes. 

That's right.  I can't leave Terminus right in the front, low on focus and souls, and in range of a wrastler and Barnabus' feat.  Bad Idea (tm). 

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