Sunday, December 30, 2012

Not much painting today (or recently)

So, my original plan was to get in a game or three over the holiday season, and get some painting done as well. I figured that, with the addition of a bunch of Blackbane's Raiders, I would finish up a full unit, add to my painted percentage, and generally round out the year on a good note.

So, today I headed down to Games Plus, a bit south of the in-laws, for some hobby time, and possibly a game.  I did not get nearly as much painting done as I had hoped, and I did not get in a game at all.  But the time was well-spent, since I helped talk a couple of guys into splitting the two-player starter for Hordes, and walking them through a rough outline of the rules.

So, Games Plus should be picking up a couple of new players - one Circle and one Legion.  IIRC, Games Plus plays on Saturday, and I told the guys that there are games played on Wednesday nights at Unique Gifts & Games, and on Thursdays down at the Dice Dojo.  And I told them about some of the groups that are out there, so hopefully they find a welcoming community here in the Windy City.

I did get some done - my Blackbanes are all assembled, I got some base colors onto the Revenant crew, and I did a little work on a very long-neglected unit of Bane Thralls.  As an added plus, I finally broke down and picked up a couple of nice brushes, instead of the cheapies that I have been using for all these years.  Hopefully, they will serve me well.

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