Monday, December 3, 2012

Time to get painting!

So, there is about 136 days until AdeptiCon.  I'm currently signed up for the Malifaux by Gaslight, Iron Arena, Wm/H Hardcore, and Blood, Sweat and Tiers.  I'm starting to look at lists, and making my painting queue, because otherwise, it is not going to get done.

For Malifaux, it looks like I need to paint about 20-30 models, tops.  And that would give me several different factions, and a fair choice of crews within those factions.  Not a problem.  Some of the models I want to use are already started, and unless I decide to build something around a man named Sue, I do not have to buy anything, so everything is already here, assembled, and primed.  Score!

For Warmchine - I have definitely settled on a faction.  I need to do some fairly serious painting, since virtually nothing for any of the lists that I am considering is painted.  (Actually, I think two of the 'jacks are done.  Not a big help, actually.)  Nor do I even own everything in at least one of the lists that I am looking at running.  I should have everything by the end of the month, or mid-January, at the latest.  I hope to have what I have on hand painted by then.

Oh, and I need to build a display board.  Not for a contest or anything, just for rule of cool.

Time to get cracking, I guess.

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