Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A wasted afternoon

So, I'm now looking for a new collection tracker, other than forwrdkommander. I've used it, it's not bad, except for this:

I logged out of FK on the desktop upstairs. I take the laptop to the basement, log in to forwardkommander, and begin to track everything. I mean, everything - I started with a blank slate, and began to rebuild the omnibus list.

I had some 200 or so models logged, and so I logged out on the laptop. When upstairs, started making dinner, and logged in on the desktop. And half of the models are no longer logged. So, basically, I can redo about half of what I had logged over the course of the afternoon. Except, I need to sort them out, and see which models are still logged, and which are not.* (E.g. - the last thing I logged, my units of gatormen, are still there. My convergence, which I had logged previously, is now gone.)

I have a thousand or so WM models, spread across every faction. I'm trying to build an omnibus list so I can (1) ensure that I have every warcaster/warlock for Who's the Boss events, and (2) not buy solos or other models that I have, but have forgotten about.

So, tl;dr - collection tracker wonkiness lost an hour or more's worth of work today.  Yay for wasted time, right?

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