Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Being snowed in. . . . .

really puts a crimp in your plans.  I left the FLGS on Saturday, and the snow was coming down fast and heavy.  By Sunday afternoon, schools around the state were being cancelled for Monday and today.  So, instead of having some decent hobby time to myself, and catching up on assembling all of my lovely WWX models, I got extra time with the kiddos, and almost as much extra time with the snowblower.

It was bad enough that, near as I can tell, there was no local mail yesterday.  This was bad, because I was expecting a package.  Fortunately, the plows finally came through, and the mail followed today, and I know have a box with my core set of Rivet Wars.  It looks very nice - I will try to blog an unboxing of it later tonight.

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