Thursday, January 23, 2014

Almost halfway?

So, I lost all the stuff I had been logging yesterday.  I made a plea for a new collection tracker on the PP forums, and lo, my plea was answered.  It's been a long day, and I've had a couple of drinks to unwind from several hours of counting little metal men, so I'll keep this brief.

To date, I have cataloged something like 412 miniatures, broken down (roughly) as follows:

Cryx - 42
Cygnar - 27
Khador - 29
Protectorate -10
Retribution - 10
Convergence - 86
Mercenaries - 25
Circle - 23
Legion - 18
Skorne - 12
Trollbloods - 55
Minions  - 75

Per the calculator, I currently have 56.74% of the casters (though it includes, among other things, all of the ones from the KS - which I will be getting). I have 23.51% of all the available models - but it will be considerably higher, obviously.  And, it says that 17.45% of what I have is painted - but it counts a unit of 10 as being 1 model in this case, so that number is whacked.

I'll bet that I plug in another 200 models or more tomorrow.  This is kind of interesting - I knew I had most of the casters - looks like the current count is 80, but it is still shy by at least half a dozen.

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