Monday, May 9, 2011

I did pretty much nothing yesterday. I think I started the fennblades and put base color on one of the maulers, but that was it. I hope to get a little painting done sometime this afternoon, and then an hour or so later tonight. I won't get anything done today, but with a little luck and some time, I can get a couple of beasts close enough that I will finish them tomorrow or Wed, and move some other stuff along nicely.

(I really should take some current pics though. I just wanted to be able to show some progress when I did so.)

I also still have about half the magnets left, although it's mainly because I can't decide which I want to magnetize for transport next - Cryx, Cygnar or Menoth. Technically, all three are playable, although I would need a MK II deck for my Cygnar or Menoth. I think the Cryx is most practical, but it's not the only consideration. I think I could magnetize all the Menoth I have, and most of the Cygnar (or vice versa), or do all the Cryx and have about 10-15 magnets left for small or medium-based models. I might just start pulling models at random, and do it that way.

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