Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of month totals


OKay, my official, final, and kind of pathetic total for the month is:

Dire Troll Mauler (9 pts)
Slag Troll (6 pts)
Winter Troll (5 pts)

But - if you look at the pics of the group at the beginning of the month (Pics 1,2,3), and those at the end of the month (Pics 1,2,3,4), there is a fair amount of work done. I'm not pleased - I had hoped to at least hit 50, but losing power for half the weekend did not help. Otherwise, I would have almost certainly had a bouncer, an axer, a swamp, the other mauler, and possibly an impaler done. Oh well.

Will I continue with the trolls? Nah, my goals for June are:

Khador battlebox (primed)
Finish Cryx battlebox
Assemble and prime Cygnar MK II battlebox

I'll probably try to finish up some of the trolls (the mauler and the bouncer, most likely), and I have a new scheme for my Retribution that I want to try out on a fig, so I might get to those as well.

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