Friday, May 6, 2011

No painting on Thursday

Got nothing done yesterday. I suppose it is technically not true, since I got some figs glued to bases, but Thursdays are my chance to play, so I do that instead.

I came back to Warmachine, and tried out my Retribution. I had been playing Hordes exclusively for the past few months (Trolls, Skorne and Minions), and thought I should dust off some Warmachine figs, especially since I picked up a unit each of halberdiers and invictors, as well as the artificer in the last couple of weeks.

I fared. . . . poorly. I wish I could blame the dice, but really, it was my fault. I forgot that a model had thresher (which cost me a unit of battle mages), and misjudged the range for my riflemen. (In my defence, I knew that the range was going to be close, and I probably should have waited until the next turn.) On the plus side, I got to play against the Khador battle engine, and still had a lot of fun. I'll tweak it a little, and maybe try a different Retribution caster next week.

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