Friday, May 6, 2011


I took these the other day, and finally got them off the camera. Yes, the quality of the pics is bad all around, but they give a general idea. As you can see, the Winter troll had a base skin color down, as does the swamp troll. A couple other figs have bits of paint here and there - nothing that could not have been done between May 1 and when I took these pics. And, you can also see that quite a bit is still bare metal or plastic - I hope to get those taken care of in the next few days.

The winter troll and the slag troll are mostly done - I hope to have them finished by the end of the weekend, and have gotten Mulg and at least one of the dire trolls pretty far along. I want to get the scattergunners and the krielstone figs trimmed, and greenstuff some gaps on the fennblades too. (It may not happen, since we have company this weekend, and I have a marathon Sunday morning, which may make getting back down to the basement a little hard Sunday night.)

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