Friday, August 5, 2011

The miniature turnstile

So, in the process of cleaning out the basement a few weeks ago, I came across some old Clan War figs that I had picked up at one point. I still have something like 4 copies of the box set, mainly because they came with 60 metal figs, so I have the core of a lot of armies out there, if I ever get around to playing the game again. But I also had some Naga - not much, but enough that it would get an army started.

The Naga have been sitting in a box, still in blisters, through a couple of moves, by my reckoning, and I had to face the fact that I may never get around to doing anything with them. So, I posted notices in a couple of places, and sold them off.

And took the money, and ordered an Arcantic Force Generator (aka Space Cricket) and a Storm Strider. The smart thing would have been to add a like amount (in dollar terms) to Legion and Khador, but meh, I wanted me some battle engines.

Too bad the internet has spoiled me - I ordered them, and I want them NOW! dangit.

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