Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Small painting update

The end of the July and early August are busy times for me this year, and sadly has little to do with gaming. No GenCon for me this year - instead, it has been family things which have been occupying me time. No complaints about it, actually, but doing more things with the family means less time for gaming. . . .and painting.

As I said the other day, my model count when up by two, although one of them was painted, although not by me, so I'm not counting it. Tonight, I sat down at the table, and my first thought was "Now what?" I finished off the battleboxes, so I did not have an actual project per se. Rather than start on a couple of warpacks (though I intend to do them soon enough), I decided to go after some low-hanging fruit, and finish off some nearly-completed models.

I didn't finish them, but an agonizer, a pistol wraith, a machine wraith, and a minimum unit of gatormen got a little closer tonight. I might have them done by the Thursday. If not, they won't be done for a while, since I won't be able to paint again (most likely) until the middle of the month. I also got some work done on ten Ork boyz - I have decided that I should work on my 40k stuff, since I may need to play some games with the Thursday group before I switch them over to Warmachine and Hordes.

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