Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gaming and pragmatism

So, on a semi-regular basis, I have been making the trek to a FLGS on Thursdays. Thursdays is generally their Warhammer night, and I am trying to get people to consider adding Warmachine or Hordes to their game rotation. As a practical matter, this means that my Thursdays will probably be spent playing 40k or WFB and making small talk about other systems for the better part of half a year, while also trying to drum up people for Saturdays (which is our designated WM slot.)

FWIW - the store owner is fine with me coming in to play on Thursdays, in part because I do buy paints, brushes, etc, even if I have not been buying WFB or 40k stuff. But, since my GW stuff is a little lacking, I'll probably wind up buying some Skaven or Orks in the next few months, just because I happen to be playing 40k on a Thursday night instead of WM.

40k may not be my game of choice, but I will probably get more people to add WM if I am seen playing both games as well.


  1. Oh sure - I put in my app for PG back at the end of July. And I am in there most Saturdays, doing demos, and I plan on trying to do the Journeyman league (though I have to talk to the owner about it first). But since Thursdays are GW night, I should probably take a GW army or two to play, just in case.

  2. L & J Hobbies, over in Kalamazoo, MI. We don't have a press ganger in the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area. Geographically speaking, the closest PG is about 45 miles in one direction, and about 60 in the other, IIRC.