Thursday, August 25, 2011

Terrain for trade

Not sure how much traffic I really get, but meh - I think I will establish a trade category now anyway, just for future use.

I made this stuff for a game store some time ago. Unfortunately, most of his current customers are CCG players, so it has come back to me. I don't want it in the basement, so it's coming here. If you need additional pics, let me know.

Wizard Tower – link to pic

Octagon Tower – link to pic

Defensive Walls – link to pic

Craters – link to pic

Hills (flat) – link to pic

Hills (beveled) – link to pic

Dungeon – link to pic

I have a fairly ridiculous amount of the hills – probably several hundred, if I included ones which are not yet finished. All the Hirst arts stuff was poured using ultracal 30. I made this as a fairly quick project, so some pieces may have bubbles visible.

The buildings I can generally sell for $30 USD or so, the dungeon $60 USD to $75, and the other stuff about $5 USD each (the hills for a bit less, depending on how big they are). If you don't like those prices – make a counter offer.

I am looking for cash (most versatile), but would consider trades for Warmahordes figs (just lmk what you have), Heavy Gear (especially Arena or 2-player stater), 40k or WFB forces (mainly interested in NIB, but you never know – LMK what you have!), 15mm DBA armies (pref. Essex), or Hail Caesar! Heck, I might take ACW, 15mm Nappies, Nappy naval, etc. .

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