Monday, August 29, 2011

Not much to say today

I might have more tonight or tomorrow, but I did not get much painting done this weekend, and, frankly, most of what I painted were bases. I did get some WFB Skaven assembled and primed, and did some work on some Pyg Burrowers, but just not a lot of time down in the basement painting for the past few days - too much gaming going on.

On the FLGS note - it looks like my FLGS will finally be able to stock Warmahordes. He has apparently been having some trouble with his current distributor, and I think I found him an alternative. I gave him the info on Saturday, and I should know on Thursday or Saturday if he can start ordering stuff. If he can, I figure I will order a couple of things right then, to get the ball rolling, and hopefully he will start carrying at least a copy of Prime and some battleboxes in stock. He also said that the Journeyman League sounded like a good idea, so we might be doing that.

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