Saturday, June 16, 2012

No pics to record my loss.

Pity, too - it was a good game.

For various and sundry reasons, it was a light crowd at the FLGS.  (Side note - I am hoping that there are a lot more people there next weekend, although a turnout as low as eight would still have me plenty happy!)  I managed to get in a game - my Pigs versus Jake's Skorne.  The order of battle, as I recall, was as follows:

Molik Karn
Cyclops Savage
Full unit Nihilators
Full unit Swordsmen
Min unit of paingivers

Lord Carver
2 War Hogs
Min & Max unit of Brigands
Full unit of bone grinders

Skorne set up first, but with no advance deployment, the little thrill of every farrow unit being advance deploy was lessened.  Both of us headed for each other at a quick pace, although the forward-placed razorback took a potshot at Molik, who was 14.diddly inches away.  No matter, as the lucky deviation dropped the AoE onto two swordsmen, killing them.

I did not take detailed (read: any) notes, but Molik zipped forward, put a god-awful amount of hurt on a war hog, and bounced back, while the nihilators came forward on the flank and started tearing into the larger unit of brigands.  The brigands nearly died to a pig, but they were avenged by the slaughterhousers, who were not far behind.  The nearly crippled war hog, thanks to Carver's feat, tore through a good chunk of the swordsmen, and the brigands took out most of the rest.  The razorback shot at things, but really did not do much after that first glorious turn.

Molik placed himself in the middle of the slaughterhousers, denying them the charge.  It turned out to be an incredibly safe move, since they barely hurt him.  He responded by unleashing a whirling blade of Nerfiness onto the slaughterhousers - they made 4 out of 5 tough rolls!  On their turn, they would stand back up, and finally finish him off.

On the other side of the table, the gladiator tried an assassination run on Carver, but the free strike from the War Hog put the stops on that idea.  It looked grim for the Skorne - at the beginning of the final turn, it was eMakeda and 2 paingivers, versus Carver, the slaughterhousers, the razorback, a war hog, and the last two remnants of the brigands - one of whom was in base with eMakeda.

Fortunately, a paingiver killed the brigand, she moved around a building, and killed Carver.  Skorne wins in a nail-biter of a finish.  It was a great game, and we both had a lot of fun. 

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