Friday, June 8, 2012

Random pics

Finally got around to getting these off the camera:

The green on the boneswarm matches the green glowy that I use for my ghosts.  I wanted to have an animating mass of ectoplasm thing going on.

I can only claim three of the gators for last month - two of them (the ones with finished bases) were done months ago.

So, that puts me at six minions officially finished.  I would be depressed about it, and wondering about my self-imposed deadline, except that my second unit of gatormen is almost done - four of them are ready for sealing and basing, and the leader is actually almost done - I just want to do some touch-ups and detail work.  Well, eleven is doing okay, I guess.  The bull snapper is almost done too - which would bring me to twelve. 

I've also been working on the pigs, but, while progress can readily be seen, none of them have been finished yet.  I've tried a couple ideas for the bog trogs, but I haven't gotten anything that I like just yet.  S'ok - the tests have been stripped, and I have a couple more ideas that I want to try in the next couple of days. 

I'm still working on unloading some 40k stuff, and I am going over my collection of random lead and games, because my GenCon buy list keeps growing.  I mean, look at it:

Heavy Gear - I have the game, I have some figs, but I want to pick up the Arena game.  That's about $100, is I get the deal.

The auction and the consignment store usually runs me close to $100.

Leviathans - I want to see it before I buy it, but a pseudo-naval wargame, with airships?  Sure thing!  There goes another $100.

Dystopian Wars/Firestorm Armada - I really want to pick up some more stuff for these games.

Board games - looking at the list on boardgamegeek, I see some in there that I might want to pick up.  More $.

Heap, Iron Kingdoms RPG, Colossals, etc - whatever I can get.  The more the better.

I have a budget in mind, but the more I can sell between now and, say, the Saturday of GenCon, the better.  My gaming room will be cleaner for it, and hopefully, I can get rid of stuff that I no longer play, in exchange for stuff that I want to play.

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