Friday, June 1, 2012

May finished items

I need to take pics (camera batteries need recharging after final day of preschool), but I managed to finish, sans basing, a minimum unit of gatormen, in addition to the boneswarm and the four Blackbane's raiders.

It wasn't quite as much as I hoped, but most of the other unit is close to done - I am on details (eyes, teeth, tongues, etc) on four of them.  Their leader takes a little more time, thanks to the skulls on the staff. 

My current plan is to finish them in the next day or two, then try and bust out the blackhide wrastlers.  I need to do some looking at turtles before I do anything with the spitter, but, if I sit down and actually work at it, I should have those three plus the bull snapper done in a week or so at the latest.  I need to get my bog trogs assembled, but that will have to wait - I picked most of them up in a trade, and I am missing some arms, so I need to get the replacements.

I'll squeeze in work on all three warlocks as I go, but I hope to be working on pigs full-time by the middle of the month, and I'll come back to the bog trogs when I have all the bits.

I have a plan.  It's not a cunning plan (not by a long shot), but it's a plan nonetheless.

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