Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quick progress report

Ironback spitter just needs to be sealed, and based.  Otherwise, he is done.  Sturm & Drang is finally together and on his base, and even primed.  I didn't plan on actually getting anything done today, so, on the whole, it's a plus.

I finally have a plan for the bog trogs - good thing, too.  I might need them - the tourney in July has scenarios which may use reinforcements, so I need not 50 points fully painted for the raffle, but 60.  And, another 5 or 6, depending on who I am using as a warlock.  I still have over a month, and I have 29 points of that painted (though not all based), and the blackhide wrastlers are good for another 18, when I get them done.  The bog trogs, croak hunter, and another unit of gators will see for the rest - though I may try and get hold of Wrong-Eye and a swamp horror before then too.

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