Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick painting post

According to iBodger, my GenCon painting list is 88 models.  (It will almost certainly go up, but it will not hit more than 100 models in total.)  Thanks to some painting time last night, I am at 13.6% painted!

Now, that's cheating a bit.  Two units of gatorman posse, a boneswarm and a bull snapper is nice, but barely a start, and those are the easiest figures to paint.  I have a lot of pigs to paint - although most have at least something on them, so I am not starting from bare metal in most cases.

Still, stuff is moving along on my painting bench, so there is a feeling of progress.  I still spend too much time goofing off instead of painting when I am sitting at the bench, which does not help, but I am trying to establish painting as a frequent routine, instead of some sort of aberration. 

On an unrelated note - I am going to miss a day of gaming at the FLGS, so that I can drive several hours to go play in a tourney.  It's a little far out of the way, but I know some of the guys going, and I really ought to start getting some tourney experience.  I figure that I will probably go 0-4, but I'm okay with that.

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