Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Went dark for a few days

Still haven't taken pics.  Been busy the past few days - life in general, and trying to work on painting as much as possible in order to be Fully Pained for GenCon.  (Well, for one army, at least.  It should be noted that having my minions fully painted will still leave me about 90% unpainted. . . and GenCon will not make it better.)

I am also trying to work on terrain, and sorting out what I don't really need - I want to sell some gaming stuff either before or at GenCon.  That way, I can get more money, to buy more stuff.  Which I also won't really need, but will hopefully at least use.  My current, low-end budget still calls for something like $500 of discretionary income, which, to be blunt, may not happen.

Last quick note - trying to figure out the logistics of attending a WM tourney in July.  It's a bit of a drive, but not so bad that I cannot just make a day of it.  I hope to know in a week or so.

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