Sunday, September 4, 2011


So, over on Pokeminiatures, Felix has put up a whole bunch of stuff that he has done so far his year. The sad part is that, even broken up into chunks, any chunk is more than he has done this year.

But, today I did get a Grenadier assembled, which is something. And the bottom half of a Storm Strider, though I haven't done the basing for it yet.

And I did paint about half of a room, which is a real pain with a 0 or 00 brush, let me tell you. I need to start work on the second coat in an hour or so - but I can only paint half the room at a time, without taking apart all the furniture, then moving it down at least one, possibly two flights of stairs. Instead of being an afternoon project, I probably won't be done until tomorrow night, and the room won't be put back together until Tuesday night.


  1. Do you mean a chunk is more than your progress?

    You have officially painted more rooms than me. Congrats!

  2. Yeah, I think I have only finished a dozen or so figs this year - 7 of which were for my PG app. I have a lot of stuff that has been moved along quite a bit, but I don't generally get long periods in which to paint, so I do a lot of "work on my Cygnar tonight, work on Khador tomorrow" etc.

    The room isn't done yet, but it will be tomorrow. Two walls are done, the third wall needs a second coat, and I need to tape & paint the fourth wall. I might get it done in the morning, otherwise, I'll be done a bit after lunch.