Thursday, September 29, 2011

No painting tonight, but still productive

(Okay, I did paint something - a terrain piece that I don't plan on keeping. I'll take pics tomorrow.)

So, I did not paint anything tonight, but it was still productive. The min unit of Winter Guard is now primed, as are the stingers, Harkevich, and the alt manhunter. The AFG is mostly assembled, and is actually ready for priming tomorrow, once I check the final dry fit of the upper and lower carapace pieces.

My goal for tomorrow is to work on the gun carriage, and the full unit of Winter Guard rifles. And Kovnik Joe. I am planning on heading over to the FLGS this weekend, and the owner wants another game. I would like to take all three battle engines, even though they are still in the process of assembly and painting. I really need to get in on a GW night, and drop a couple of the battle engines onto a table.

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