Friday, September 2, 2011

Sometimes, doing nothing is the same as doing something

So, almost no painting tonight, and not much painting on Warmahordes for the last couple of days. Wed night, I spent some time painting, but most of my hobby time in the evening was spent (gasp) organizing some stuff for a possible 40k game on Thursday. As I have said, the system of choice at the FLGS is 40k, or sometimes WFB. Either way, if I want to convert them, or even sometimes just get in a game, I need to be prepared to play The Other Game.

Now, I will admit that I have both a certain nostalgia for GW games, and, on the whole, I don't think that there is anything wrong with GW games. Both WFB and 40k have always had the feel of being "club games" - the kind where you get together with some friends, have a few drinks, something to eat, roll some dice, and push little metal & plastic men around the table for a while. The rules are loose, and sometimes more than a little vague, which is great when you are playing with your friends, but not so hot at the tourney level. At the tourney level, I would not be playing GW games.

(When I want to play tight, well-written rules, I turn to Warmahordes. And, as an added bonus, it's fun for more casual games too.)

Anyway, so Wedesday night, I hauled out some of my Tau, and put together an army list for them. And wound up not playing it. I got to the FLGS a little late on Thursday, and games were already in session, so I just basically hung out. But, I did convince someone to stop by Saturday afternoon for a demo.

He was at GenCon, and got kind of an abbreviated demo. It was enough to whet his appetite for the game, and he has already decided that he wants to play Khador, so hopefully tomorrow I can walk him through a more involved demo, and get him hooked.

This brings me to tonight. Instead of painting tonight, I really just spent the time trying to organize stuff. I wind up bringing a lot of stuff with me on Saturdays, mainly because I want to be able to show off pretty much any of the starter boxes in the game. So I sat down and looked over the list of forces in the Journeyman league. I cannot field the Retribution (even though I have a pretty decent Retribution force), nor can I field Capt'n Bart, and I have to proxy Madhammer as Gorten, but other than that, I think I can field everything else. (Maybe not the alt. Menoth starter - wait until the 2-player set is out!) I have everything set up and packed up for tomorrow, as well as some extra stuff, since people are starting to move past the battle box and into 15 point games. With any luck, the store can get PP stuff in soon, and we will start the Journeyman league by the end of September.

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