Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A productive evening of painting

First, to answer the unspoken question - no, nothing got finished tonight. I worked on a lot of stuff - pButcher, a Stone Keeper, an Impaler, the magnetized Cygnar heavy, a couple of gunbunnies, a dozen or more Ork boyz, a gun boar, pKreoss, and Menoth knows what else. I spent the better part of the time listening to a podcast (Boosted Damage), and actually got a lot done.

And it will all be rather moot tomorrow, since my order will arrive at some point in the afternoon, and my percentage of finished figures will drop by about 1%. It's not that the order is small, but rather that, once you have 600+ warmachine figs, another 70 or so isn't such a huge increase. 22/604 is pretty much the same as 22/700, really.

And, knowing me, I probably won't do too much painting tomorrow night. I'll be spending most of my time opening boxes and squealing with glee, as I finally can play 35 pt armies for
everything. (Except pirates. Soon, though, soon. Shae will be mine, oh yes. I will have some pirates.)

While I was painting, I did have a thought for my variation of the impossible dream challenge. Instead of trying to paint 100 points in the month of November, I am thinking about trying to paint at least something on every Warmachine/Hordes figure that I own. It's not a small challenge, actually - and by the time November rolls around, it's a pretty safe bet that I will still have about 650 unpainted figures. But getting some base colors on everything would make the whole pile look a lot less demoralizing, I think.

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