Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On a roll!

So, yesterday, I finally got the resculpt of the Butcher assembled and primed, and tonight, I finished up another two shredders. (Okay, technically the Shredders aren't finished yet - the flock/glue mixture for the snow bases is drying as I type, so they aren't sealed. Tomorrow morning, I fix that.)

There is a distinct chance that I will finish the Legion box set before I finish any of the other ones, despite having started Menoth and the Trolls much earlier. Of course, I haven't really begun to assemble the Carnivean, but I have heard enough horror stories that I am not eager to start it just yet.

I did some other painting, getting some base colors down on pButcher, pKreoss, some more Orks -- those guys just never stop - I am trying to work on each of them once before going back to one, but that's not going to happen. I'll probably make that work for the first hundred or so, but at some point, I will get tired of it and just want to finish some of them. And no, I won't take WIP pics, because there are so many, and the progress so slow, that setting them up for pics is just plain sad.

Haven't gotten a game in for a while, and unfortunately, this weekend looks as though it is out as well. Hopefully, next weekend is better.

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