Saturday, September 17, 2011

One step forward. . . .

And about nine steps back. Last night, I got Targ and Lord Ossyan assembled (and just primed them a few minutes ago), and got some pretty significant work done on a Squire, a Firefly, a Grenadier, the Storm Strider, a magnetized Cygnar heavy, a Gun Boar, a dozen or so Ork boyz, and probably another five or ten models. Sounds good, until I mention that I also am in the process of getting rid of my IG army for 40k - and will be using the cash to buy some Khador and Legion models.

So, yeah - the IG that hasn't been included in my model count for years is going away, and I will have playable (albeit bad) 35-pt armies for every faction. (I have Rhulic for my Mercs - although I want to have pirates and a magnus force before the end of the year as well, because I am silly that way.)

I'm not making foolish choices for my Khador or Legion - solid beasts, and decent units, but I am going for some variety, and will be working on synergy down the road.

Tonight, I plan on getting more stuff painted (the squire is actually almost done, and I think the Grenadier is close), and taking pics of some (also uncounted) miniatures that I am offering someone. It won't be quite as large as what I will get for the IG tanks, but it should let me pick up a unit and a couple of solos/casters. I've been thinking that my Cryx really need Blackbane's Raiders, just because they look cool, and my Menoth still needs a book, which means I really should get a second Ghost Sniper for my Retribution (because 2 Ghost Snipers can kill the book in one turn). . . .

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