Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belated pic, as promised

So, I did take a pic, like I promised the other day. I hadn't really worked on any of the Rhulic stuff so far at that point, and , sadly and shamefully enough, it hasn't changed much from the picture below.


(Obviously, I did not care too much about the quality of the pic. The stuff is barely primed, for pete's sake. Detailed pics are kind of pointless.)

I have more mercs, but not many. Not pictured are pMagnus and his jacks, Boomhowler and Co, a Nomad, and maybe a solo or three. I am probably going to ignore them for the month, however, and concentrate on my Rhulic forces. I have enough that I have options for the rest of the journeyman league, although I might look into getting Herne and Jonne, and maybe Brun and Lug. They may have to wait a bit, of course.

Too many models, not enough time, and I really want to play around with getting my painted log caught up properly in iBodger. With any luck, tonight I will get some time to paint, although it means a break from cleaning out the basement - a project which is only tangentially related to gaming, and has been put off for far too long.

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