Monday, January 23, 2012

No pics, but progress

I will be taking pics before I paint tonight, but I wanted to note that I have indeed been making some progress on my Rhulic models. The yellows are being problematic, but I confess to being really adamant on making my color scheme work.

I managed another win Saturday (yay!), but forgot to take along a camera (boo!). Same Rhulic list as before, with the addition of the High Shield UA and a Basher (marshalled by Thor). The legion list was basically battlebox plus Typhon.

Typhon, quite frankly, scares me. In fact, that entire legion list had me worried. The only reason I won, I suspect, is because he did not run straight for my line and force the engagement. The longer you dance around a Rhulic gun line, the more you lose. It would have been even worse for him if I had remembered my High Shields mini-feat, but I forgot.

I'm rather glad that I did not get the chance to play the Skorne list. Battlebox plus full Cetrati and beast handlers made for a list that will get in my Rhulic face and tear me apart. I think he wants a match, however, so I think I have a loss coming in the near future.

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