Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still no update. . .

I know, I know. I'm slacking. I did do some painting last night, but not much, since it was a Cub Scout night. And, the new computer is up and running, but I still have to transfer a bunch of pics and programs from the old one. (The portable hard drive is being filled as I type, but I probably won't have access to the pics until tomorrow, and I have spent the afternoon reinstalling programs.)

I hope to have the Basher finished by the end of the weekend, and possibly a couple of the gunbunnies as well. Good thing, too - the end of the month is fast approaching, and I signed up for the "Tale of Warmahordes 2012" The basic idea is that you commit to painting 5 points of miniatures per month, with two months where you can slack off without penalty. Warnouns count for nothing, so you can do those at any point, although you get no credit for them, other than bragging rights.

Anyway, it will, if nothing else, compel me to finish off some of the almost-finished-but-not-quite projects that have been gathering dust. After all, if the month is half over, and I still don't have anything done, I can always finish off my unit of Immortals, or a couple of Retribution 'jacks. But, I also intend to focus on one faction per month - this month was Rhulic. Any suggestions for next month?

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