Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year, a recycled beginning

I'm recycling a post I made elsewhere, but there is some (not much) new content:

My resolutions/goals for 2012 are, in no particular order:

  • Lose less. I don't mind losing, but I do it so often, it's becoming a bad habit. Or, put another way . . .
  • Play more. The more I play, the better I should do, if I actually stick to a faction for a while.
  • Get to GenCon. It's been a couple of years, but this year, there should be no family obligations which keep me from attending.
  • Paint more - again, I should. I need to set an example, and painting can be very zen.
  • Get everything assembled. This only applies to Warmachine/Hordes. If I tried to apply it to everything, I don't think I would do anything else.
  • Run stuff as PG - I'm still a new PG, but the more I can run at my FLGS, the easier it should be to grow the game there.
  • Grow my collection, such that I can run a decent 50-pt list for every faction, contract and pact. It's a pretty easy goal, actually, but it is a goal. The hard goal would be painting 50 pts for everything. Or, even painting 50 pts.
  • Post some battle reports, and other pictures.
  • Blog more. I won't be a post per day blogger, but I should do better than twice a week. If I round out 2012 with 175 posts or so, I will be happy.

Some of these are easier than others. The bar for painting is so low that it might as well be a line on the floor - painting an average of one miniature per fortnight will put me over 20111, I think. GenCon is pretty much a done deal, and my collection will pretty much grow on its own, even if I don't do anything about it. (Seriously - I think my figs come alive, a la Toy Story, and order more friends. Honest.)

On the non-gaming side, I intend to continue my daily running streak, run a couple of marathons and ultras, and possibly even a 50-miler. I want to launch more model rockets with my son and daughter, and keep working with my sons Cub Scout pack. I'll probably do NaNoWriMo next year as well. I hope to start my own business next year, although I expect it will only pay for my hobbies, which is fine with me.

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