Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This is why I say I have a problem. . .

OKay, aside from the fact that the pics for the Minuteman were released today, and of course, I want a couple of them (for a Kraye list, of course), tonight was yet another piece of evidence that I have some pretty strong faction ADD.

Remember how, just a couple of weeks ago, I suggested that I might benefit from a structured approach to my painting? So far, I have been doing alright by it - I have done virtually no painting on non-Mercenary, and even non-Rhulic, models. Of course, that did not stop me from working on assembling models from other factions. In my defense, I was actually waiting for the paint to dry on a couple of armor sections so that I could add the next layer, and I worked on getting some long-WIP models ready for priming.

I was going to try and get my High Shields together, but somehow I lost the left arms to 4 of them. They'll sit in that state for another month or two, although I do intend to have them assembled and primed at least before the first of June. (No, they are not likely to be my GenCon army. . . but I do like them enough to think of them as a decent backup choice.)

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