Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yay - I finished something!

Finished these last night, except for the weathering powder and the Rhulic script. Got those done today, and they have been sealed, so I guess I have to call them done now. The pics aren't the best, but if they are needed for the gallery, that's fine.

This was my first attempt to use the weathering powders on something like a miniature. I have used them for a model train layout, but that stuff gets a lot less handling than your average gaming piece. I had some problems with them at first - I actually blasted some off when I started sealing them, but that's probably for the best, since I had accidentally been a bit heavy-handed with them.

I cheated and used a technical pen for the script. Much easier than trying to paint it.

I needed some way to tell my Gunbunnies apart, and I will probably get another Basher later this year, so I might as well mark it now.

I was going for something similar to Tonka yellow, and wanted to have the 'jacks with some battle damage. The yellow gave me a lot more problems than it should have - I picked up the figs used, and they had been primed black. I should have spent the time stripping them, but I tried to just push through it. In real life, the colors are a bit better than they are in the pics, but I'm not super-happy with it. (Not annoyed with it enough to thinking about stripping them anytime soon, although I probably will at some point, if I ever start clearing off my backlog of figs.)

So, Basher (7 pts) + Gunner (3pts) = 10 pts for January. Not great, but I'll take it. If nothing else, it stops me using my "Get Out of Painting Free" card in the 2012 challenge.

Now - on to February. The Journeyman league is almost over, so I can play whatever I want next month. According to my iBodger log, the only two factions for which nothing is finished are Retribution and Menoth. Several other factions have only one or two models actually completed, so it's not a huge difference - I mean, going from 0% to .8% is not huge jump, right? Maybe I will paint some Skorne for this month - I could finish some Immortals and an Ancestral Guardian fairly easily, and then try to get some base colors down on some other models.

Or I could paint Circle. I have a couple lists that I would like to try, although I am a few models short. (How did I manage to have pBaldur all this time, and never pick up Megalith?) I could knock out some Legion beasts fairly easily, although I may save those for later on in the year, when time is short, and I need easy projects. Or when I want to paint 30-50 points in a month.

Maybe I should just finish up my Khador battle engine. It's started, but not too far along, and I think I have a lot of spare time in the next couple of weeks. I might work on odd projects until the weekend, and decide Saturday night. I'll still probably stick to one faction this month - I just don't know which one, as of yet.

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