Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hooray for consistency!

So,. our Journeyman league started today, and I had a couple of players show up, which is always a good thing. Everyone got in at least two games, and the other guys managed to get in three. I, naturally, maintained my streak, and lost both of my games.

I did not take a camera, but the first game was my Gorten battlebox against Legion. The Legion player realized that standing back from a gunbunny gunline was a bad idea, and he attempted an assassination run. He came within a single point of killing Gorten, which I must confess caused me more than a bit of distress, and then it was my turn. Upkept Strength of Granite on the driller, popped feat to move Lylyth into range, charged with the driller, and missed. Managed to connect only once before I ran out of focus, and it wasn't enough. On his next turn, the Carnivean walked over and pretty much ate Gorten in a single hit.

The game against Skorne went little better. Managed to do okay, popped feat to move things back out of melee range, but when push came to shove, my poor driller went up against a gladiator, and left him with a single point remaining. Next turn, the gladiator was healed enough to be fully capable, and he crushed the poor driller. No driller and with battered gunbunnies stuck in melee meant that the game was over quickly, and not in my favor.

Still, had fun, of course, and I handed out some free copies of the quick start rules to some interested bystanders. Hopefully we gain some more players over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my plans to attend the local con are not going to happen - family stuff is going to intervene, so I am looking into some other options for drumming up new players.

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