Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exchange fig is done!

Need to take a better pic, but the camera batteries were pretty low, so it will have to wait. In the meantime:

He's an Ogrun Bokur (obviously), but painted to indicate that he serves the greater glory of the Dragonfather.  I'm reasonably happy with the fig, and certainly would play it in my army.  But, he's off to some random press ganger, and I will be getting something interesting in return.  I do think that I need to get another of these guys, and paint him up in a similar fashion.

The Ogrun and the Pistol Wraith are each worth 3 points, which gives me an official total (so far) of 6 points for April.  Good enough for the 5 pts/month challenge, but nowhere close to making anything but the most miniscule of dents in my collection.  Oh well - more painting tonight, and my pile of lead will be diminished by at least a little bit.

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