Thursday, April 5, 2012


Gotta download pics off the camera, but so far today, all I have done is started assembling the stuff from the 2-player starter. And moved 6 cubic yards of dirt. Yeah, that was fun.

Probably won't be priming the full units from the starter until tomorrow night, but I am thinking about trying out Khador this weekend. Especially since a trade arrived today: a unit of widowmakers, greylords, minimum WG (yay - infantry spam!) and berserker. Plus a heirophant for my Menite scum. Between the trade and the starter, I just about doubled my khador collection.


  1. What's the Khador list to now? Need a Spriggan. Need a wardog. I like the look of the Old Witch, too.

  2. I need a spriggan, but have a wardog and the old witch. I think a couple of jacks are on the list next, and either IFPs or possibly Kayazy. I might bulk up more of my Legion and Circle first though - I am trying to keep building up my "ignored" factions fairly equally, and right now, they are on the bottom, with 36-37 models each.