Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random painting/model update

So, last night, I continued work on [REDACTED]. It's an exchange fig, due by the end of the month. I have a bonus fig that I am trying to get done - it's not as far along, but it is mostly armor, so it is catching up fast.

I also put together a plastic Marauder - I decided that I really did not need another Juggernaut, so I took the parts I had left when I made the Decimator, and made a marauder. (I was planning on magnetizing, but there were issues, and I eventually decided that simply gluing up the decimator was a better idea.)

The new jack and a full unit of winterguard riflemen should be primed sometime this morning, and a couple of old figs are going into the dip sometime today. A couple of previously dipper figs (gun mages and a journeyman warcaster, I believe) should also get the priming treatment soon; I just want to check them again for any paint that I missed in the stripping process.

ETA - Marauder and Winterguard rifles are now primed. Had to go to basement to look for some old paperwork, stayed down there long enough to prime some figs and get something accomplished.

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