Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend acquisitions

So, I visited some friends over the weekend, and stopped by a game store that I have supported since it was run out of the guys house.  He had some Warmachine stuff on sale, and I picked up 2 blisters of Ghost Raiders (I think my box has arrived at the FLGS, so that would give me a full unit), and eGoreshade.  And an unopened tin of GF9 Merc dice.

So, the decision is - do I keep the dice, or trade (or sell) them?  I don't need more dice, but they are kind of nice, and I like the pirate logo.

More later tonight, and I hope to get some painting in later today.  With any luck, I might manage to lose a game tonight via Vassal as well.


  1. Trade/sell no questions asked. Those dice go for mucho dinero on eBay. As you said, they are just dice. What if they are unlucky!

  2. Oh, they're unlucky. All of my dice are unlucky. Dice that I touch can become unlucky. Dice that I am near have been known to be unlucky, at least while I am near them. It's a gift. . . or a curse, or something.