Friday, December 30, 2011

The streak continues

Yep, lost another game. It's common enough that I really should have a label for it or something. I got in another game last night at Dice Dojo, this time against Luke.

He was running trolls:
  • pHoarluk
  • Mauler
  • Blitzer
  • Full unit of fennblades plus UA
  • Full unit of stone bearers

I was trying out Maelok again, and had:

  • Maelok
  • Bull Snapper
  • Ironback
  • Wrastler
  • Full unit of posse
  • Croak Hunter

Long story short, I lost. I made some truly stupid rookie mistakes (like forgetting to heal a beast before burning through fury on Maelok), and some that show I haven't played beyond battlebox lately, like forgetting that pHoarluk has Rampager - fortunately, he used it mainly to keep the wrastler out of the way, instead of attacking other stuff with it.

Eventually, it came down to me attempting a charge, and failing. Again, I should have checked control first - although the game was over at that point, so if I could not make the charge, I was finished. I can't say that I learned anything from the game, but I was certainly reminded of how some mistakes are very easy to make.

Still had fun though, and got to watch some other games. I did pick up some of the Cygnar figs - a full unit of Long Gunners plus the UA, a unit of rangers, eNemo, and a HRT for my poor neglected Retribution. With the Hammerfall UA and the Khador wardog I picked up Wednesday night, my collection got some holes filled, and I have some painting to do once we get back home.

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